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MindTwistComedy Festival!

One Night, Five Shows!

Tap for tickets to each show

or get a VIP Pass to see them ALL!

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Schedule for December 23rd



2 Winners will Get:

  • $100 (Mind Twist Comedy)

  • 1st Place Trophy

  • Round Trip Airfare and 3 days Hotel stay in Las Vegas


Mind Twist Comedy Festival

December 23

Deco Ballroom
1906 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX 78201


For the 9-11PM Contest ONLY

Judging Details

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How will you be Judged? 


You are responsible for a 5 minute set. Alarm will ring and

mic will be cut off at exactly 5 mintes.

  1. LPMs: Laughs Per Minute

    • The # of laughs in your set will be divided by the length

    • of your set. If you had 25 laughs in a 5 minute set, your LPM is 5.

    • Counters TBD​​

  2. Audience Votes.

    • The # of votes from the audience is simply tallied up. This will be done via QR code. 

  3. Judges Overall Vote

    • We will have 3-4 judges per show. Preferably, judges will have a minimum of 5-7 years experience in the field. They will consider joke structure, stage presence & more when judging.

    • Judge scoring criteria. Thy will consider joke structure, stage presence & more

      • 5- Keep trying. You’re kind a funny-ish

      • 10- Either you're really funny, or I’m super drunk, but I did laugh.

      • 15- I’d DEFINITELY pay to see you in a real comedy show

    • Judges TBD

LPM + Audience Votes + Judges Vote= TOTAL                           


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