Irma Ruiz

Available to 

  • Host

  • Open (up to 15 min.)

  • Feature (up to 30 min)

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Will travel

Material: PG-13/ R-rated

Topics: Teaching, motherhood, being Latina, high school

Contact: 210-291-7293


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Irma Ruiz is the owner of Mind Twist Comedy and has been in the comedy scene for a little over 2 years. She is a former Texas public school teacher turned comedian. She is currently a stay-at-home alcoholic when she's not on stage....but, sometimes she's an alcoholic on stage, too....and the time between stage and home, too.....Rarely on Sundays, though. (lie)

Her comedy is mostly PG-13 and R-rated, but can be modified to G-rated, depending on the audience. Her material covers motherhood, married life, high school memories and much more.  

Her comedy credits include writing the bios and credits for Victor "Speedy" Gonzalez and Sam Butler.