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Irma Ruiz


Available to 

  • Host

  • Open (up to 15 min.)

  • Feature (up to 30 min)

  • Headline ( 1 hr +)

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Will travel

Material: PG/ PG-13/ R-rated

Topics: Teaching, motherhood, being Latina, high school

Contact: 210-291-7293


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Irma Ruiz is the owner of Mind Twist Comedy and has been in the comedy scene for a little over 2 years. She is a former Texas public school teacher turned comedian. She is currently a stay-at-home alcoholic when she's not on stage....but, sometimes she's an alcoholic on stage, too....and the time between stage and home, too.....Rarely on Sundays, though. (lie)

Her comedy is mostly PG-13 and R-rated, but can be modified to G-rated, depending on the audience. Her material covers motherhood, married life, high school memories and much more.  

  • Experience: 7 years 

  • Festivals: 

    •  2020 40 for 40 Comedy Fest

    •  2021 Queen City Comedy Festival

    •  2021 Topaz Film Festival

    • 2022 Co-Headlined Four Corners Comedy Festival

  • Clubs Performed At: 

    • Kickapoo Casino (Eagle Pass, TX)

    • Hooters Casino/ Oyo Casino (Las Vegas, NV)

    • Inn of the Mountain Gods (Casino in Mescalero, NM)

    • The Comic Strip- (El Paso, TX)

    • Hyena's Comedy Club-( Ft. Worth, TX)

    • The Improv/ LOL ( San Antonio, TX)

    • Addison IMPROV

    • Plano House of Comedy

    • Cine el Rey(McAllen, TX)

    • Laugh Factory (Chicago, IL)

    • JPs Comedy Club (Phoenix, AZ)

    •  Upstage Comedy Lounge (SATX)

    • Houston IMPROV

  • Projects: 

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