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Jay  Valdez


Available to 

  • Host ( 10-15 min)

  • Opener (up to 15 min.)

  • Guest Spots (up to 7min.)

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Will travel by car & air

Material: PG-13 | R-rated | Family-friendly | Spanish


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  • YouTube
  • TikTok

"El Chicano Guedo" " The nicest Cholo" " The Heartbreak Beaner/Hombre". This 1st Gen American is ready to let all hang loose, after 10 years as an EMT, and Medical Admin. San Antonio Born and raised, Jay Valdez sheds light on his upbringing in his family owned business. Jays energy is infectious, influenced by high energy performers such Jim Carrey and Chris Farley; jay will put his body on the line for audiences.

  • Experience:  2 years 

  • Clubs Performed At: 

    • UpStage Comedy Club

    •  SA LOL

    •  Rialto Theatre

  • Projects: 

    • Host and Producer of (Your Business Podcast / YouTube)

  • Credits: 

    • Kill Tony #558

    • Cleto Comedy Showcase

    •  Clean Comedy Finalist (Houston)

    •  Featured Voyage SA

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