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John  Abraham


Available to 

  • Host ( 10-15 min)

  • Open (10-5 min.)

  • Guest Spots (up to 7 min.)

  • Feature (30 min)

Hometown: Carrizo Springs

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Will travel by car & air

Material:PG-13 | R-rated | Family-friendly | Political | Impersanator


John Abraham escape from his hometown of Carrizo Springs and has been doing stand-up comedy on the run all across Texas and once in Vegas. Father, veteran, comedian, show producer, and podcaster


  • Experience:  5 years       

  • Clubs Performed At: 

    • Upstage Comedy Lounge

    • LOL, Corky’s

  • Projects: 

    • Fuel On Open Mic

    • The John Don’t Know Show

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