Teachers Gone Bad Comedy Show


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Cine El Rey

McAllen, TX 

300+ in attendance

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Teachers Gone Bad is a Mind Twist Comedy Production that is geared towards the "open-minded" teaching community. Mind Twist Comedy works with a pool of educators who moonlight as comedians or who are doing comedy full-time. The show is not kid-friendly and those easily offended should not attend.


Topics are mostly embarrassing and school- related, but in addition, we do discuss the hilariousness of family, parenthood, dating, marriage and other life experiences on stage.


Every single Teachers Gone Bad Show has been nearly sold out. Teachers look to us to say the things on stage that they wish they could say on campus. And since some of the comedians are former teachers, they let it all out. NO HOLDING BACK! No fear of getting fired. How can you get fired if you've already been fired, right? 

Past Venues:

Cine El Rey- McAllen, TX

Jokesters22- San Antonio, TX

Las Chiladas- San Antonio, TX

Brick- San Antonio, TX

Bella Luna- Corpus Christi, TX

Paul Poag Theatre- Del Rio, TX

E-Strings- Henderson (Las Vegas), NV

Hyenas- Fort Worth, TX

Kickapoo Casino, Eagle Pass, TX

Brick- San Antonio, TX

The Comic Strip- El Paso, TX

Sylver Spoon- New Braunfels

Future/ Booked Venues:

If you are interested in bringing a Teachers Gone Bad Comedy Show to your city,

please contact

Irma Ruiz



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