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☆7/28: IMPROV/ LOL SATX ft. for Jerry Garcia

☆7/29: Mesquite St. Corpus Christi, TX ft. for Jerry Garcia

☆8/7: Trinere pre-comedy show @ Creekside Comedy Club in Del Rio, TX

☆8/10: Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco ft. for Kabir Singh & Mario Salazar

☆8/11: San Francisco TBD

☆8/13:The Elbow Room ft. for Cuzin Berto in San Antonio

☆8/26: The Well Comedy Club, Bakersfield, CA ft. for Luz Pazos

☆8/28: Headlining LOL/ IMPROV in San Antonio

☆9/15: Grand Isla in South Padre Island

☆9/18: Headlining LOL/ IMPROV in San Antonio

☆9/21: ft. for Luz Pazos @ Revel in Albuquerque, NM

☆9/22: Headlining Women in TX Comedy at Upstage Comedy Lounge in SATX

☆9/29-10/3: Co-Headlining Four Corners Comedy Fest in Durango, CO

☆10/6: Chicago Laugh Factory

☆10/13-14: Plano, TX Comedy Festival

☆10/15: Private event (San Antonio)





Current Projects & Collaborations

Mind Twist Comedy is a San Antonio based company owned by Irma Linda Ruiz. 

Irma Ruiz is a former wannabe chola, turned school teacher, turned comedian. Although she's been kicked out of every neighborhood group she's joined and is banned from 5 Facebook Mom groups, you can still find her performing in comedy clubs, casinos & festivals in Texas and various locations throughout the nation. Her comedy covers motherhood, education, marriage, family and more. She is the producer of the Teachers Gone Bad Show and even though she doesn't believe in tarot cards, she pretends to in her Tarot Card Comedy Show on VivaLiveTv. Her comedy is not to be missed! Material can range between PG-13 to R -rated depending on the audience. 

Performed at: 

  • Kickapoo Casino (Eagle Pass, TX)

  • Hooters Casino/ Oyo Casino (Las Vegas, NV)

  • Inn of the Mountain Gods (Casino in Mescalero, NM)

  • The Comic Strip- (El Paso, TX)

  • Hyena's Comedy Club-( Ft. Worth, TX)

  • The Secret Group ( Houston , TX)

  • The Joke Joint ( Houston, TX)

  • The Improv/ LOL ( San Antonio, TX)

  • Addison IMPROV

  • Plano House of Comedy

  • Cine el rey(McAllen, TX)


 2019 Art of Female Comedy Festival

 2019/ 2020/ 2021 Plano Comedy Festival

 2020 Tower City Comedy Festival

 2020 40 for 40 Comedy Fest

 2021 Queen City Comedy Festival

 2021 Topaz Film Festival



Viva LiveTV 

Available to 

  • Host

  • Open (up to 15 min.)

  • Feature (up to 30 min)

  • Headline ( up to 45 min.)

Location: San Antonio, TX

**Will travel

Material: G-Rated/PG-13/ R-rated

Topics: motherhood, family, marriage, teaching, "when I was single", Disney, observational comedy




Irma sits with comedians from all over the nation and let's cards run the conversation. Some are hilarious, other are just weird, but Irma being inebriated doesn't help the situation!  

Watch here:

Israel Garcia " One Bad Comic"

Jon "Polar Bear" Gonzalez 

Jerry Garcia (Netflix/ HBO)

Thai Rivera (Comedy Central)


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Teachers Gone Bad is a Mind Twist Comedy Production that is geared towards the "open-minded" teaching community. Mind Twist Comedy works with a pool of educators who moonlight as comedians or who are doing comedy full-time. The show is not kid-friendly and those easily offended should not attend.

Click Here for all the juicy details!